yoderite with kyanite and talc in whiteschist from Mautia Hill, Tanzania


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Hello there!

My name’s Frank, and I’m an analytical/research mineralogist currently based in Tucson. I’m affiliated with the University of Arizona, where I work with faculty and students in the Economic Geology group in an essentially adjunct “mostly-researcher/occasional-instructor” position. As a hardcore introvert, I certainly value my thoughtful alone time sitting in front of humming high-tech instruments and collecting data; indeed, it’s an ideal work environment that meshes well with my introspective personality. Still, my job does require me to periodically interact with other humans, and yes, I have to admit, I actually do get real joy and fulfillment from teaching and mentoring students, particularly when I’m working one-on-one or in small groups. Given my preference for those smaller, more intimate academic settings, it then might seem somewhat ironic that my enthusiasm for education also extends more expansively toward outreach. To that end, I’ve put together this website to share my passion for mineralogy & petrology with the global online community. So whether you’re a professional geologist, a student, a mineral collector, or simply someone with a curiosity and appreciation of science & nature (or even if you’re just looking for one of my recipes, or want to check out the photos from my last trip), hopefully you’ll find something among these pages that is both interesting and informative.

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