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This is me (2015; in front of a photomicrograph poster of sapphirine-bearing granulite).
From my LinkedIn profile summary:

“I’m a mineralogist with a focus on the chemistry of mineral assemblages broadly associated with ore deposits. My primary research interests are in trace element distributions & non-conventional stable isotope systems in rock-forming minerals, and how they evolve as a function of igneous, metamorphic, and metasomatic processes. My work has been lab-dominated, with my main research tools being transmitted light microscopy, electron probe microanalysis, and a variety of mass spectrometry techniques. One area of particular interest for me is in better understanding the petrogenesis of iron-oxide-Cu-Au (IOCG) ore systems; hence, much of my research to date, as well as many of the examples I have incorporated into my teaching and mentoring, is related to that topic.”

Adapted and expanded (with photos and added text) from my Mindat.org profile:

“I grew up in mineral-barren south Florida, in an area where the western edge of 1970s civilization abutted the vast, undeveloped Everglades. Collecting rocks and minerals in a place where mono-mineralic limestone exposures rarely poked up above the several feet of swamp muck was not really an option for what kids did there for fun, not even budding science nerds like myself. In fact, in those early days, I had my heart set on being a herpetologist, and spent my childhood not collecting minerals, but rather collecting snakes and turtles. In the photo below, circa 1978, that’s me with a corn snake. ↓


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These summaries cover my professional interests and a bit of my background. I’m not sure what I plan to do about visitor comments for the long-term (I’ve had some periodic spam issues), but for the moment I’ll enable them, if anyone actually wants to contact me about anything here (although better to email me if you have a time-sensitive need to get ahold of me). Be aware that comments won’t be publicly posted here until they’ve been moderated, so human spammers take note: you’re wasting your time here!

By the way, two things you’ll discover about my writing style, for better or worse: I’m generous with adjectives and adverbs (perhaps a bit too generous), and I may have a real addiction to parentheses and ellipses… 😮

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