“how to” PDFs

Here are a few… I’ll be adding more, so do check back periodically.  These are free to download for your personal educational use; for other uses, please contact me.  I hope you’ll find these informative and helpful.  If you have suggestions for corrections, improvements, or any new mineral chemistry or analytical topics that would be of interest to cover, please let me know.


optics flowchart

microprobe analytical strategy 2014

setting up mineral normalizations in Excel

how to normalize epidote-group minerals in MS Excel (the YouTube instructional video!)

balancing complex mineral reactions with high school algebra

analytical routines used on the UofA Cameca sx100 electron microprobe

University of Arizona GEOS 356 (petrology) lecture notes. Note: these lecture notes are password protected; at present, they will only be available to students who are enrolled in the class.

10 January 2018: