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Check out the thin section scans introduction page for more information on the variety of samples featured here, how the scans were taken & processed for web display, and what additional optical and analytical data I hope to include in the figure captions as I continue to update the site and add to the collection of thin sections.

There’s also a fully searchable index covering the complete thin section set, listing for each sample its locality, the anticipated major minerals, a brief generalized geologic environment description, and where appropriate, the nature of any unusual element enrichments.

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Bad Harzburg Germany mica peridotite glimmerite in thin sectionBad Harzburg Germany mica peridotite glimmerite in thin section

left image: unpolarized light; right image: under crossed polarizers; use slider in center to view more of either image

sample: K-65 (covered and yellowing thin section from Univ. Arizona petrology collection [unfortunately, the original billet & hand sample appear to be lost], Krantz collection, sample K-65)
locality: Kaltes Tal, Bad Harzburg, Harz Mtn. region, Niedersachsen, Germany.
rock type: mica peridotite (as small lenses in norite). Also known locally as “glimmerite”.
major mineralogy: Based on petrography, predominately forsterite and red Ti-rich(?) biotite, with gray spinel and minor oxide (believed to be ilmenite).

accompanying videos: Short videos featuring the mineral associations and optical properties of the biotite in this thin section offer a more detailed look at this sample.

mineral PPL (lower
polar rotation)
(stage rotation)
(stage rotation)
optic figure
(stage rotation)
PPL: pale tan-orange/red-orange/deep brown-red pleochroism, moderate relief;
XP: birefringence largely masked by body color of mineral, mottled extinction;
with spinel, forsterite and an opaque oxide (covered thin section)


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